Trailer Park: The Americans

What's this? A US show on ITV1 on Saturday night? Heard good things about this drama following a pair of KGB spies living undercover in Washington in 1981. 


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Episode One


Another attempt from ITV to come up with something to plug that Saturday night Doctor Who black hole. 

Here, it's a fairly generic Buffy ripoff, with large chunks of Neil Gaiman's Neverworld thrown in for good measure. Some boyband wannabe finds out he's the last in the Van Helsing family line when his godfather shows up out of the blue with a large mystic gun and a terrible American accent and points out that there really are things under the bed. They chase them a bit together after going to see a blind piano player in London's Royal Festival Hall and then turning a corner and carrying on their chat in London's Spitalfields market* before Mackenzie Crook (Gareth from The Office) shows up with an odd stuck-on beak on his nose and scares them a bit. 

Philip Glenister - so good at getting you to believe in the Life On Mars/Ashes To Ashes time-travel/coma/where-are-we? conceit - is here lumbered with the task of trying to make this work. But as there's absolutely no reason at all why they've made him attempt an American accent, the whole thing struggles from the moment he pops up, simply because you're trying to work out why he's saying things like "let's verily smite these level three entities" all the time, when it would be a lot more convincing (almost) if he'd just been left to say it in his own accent. Maybe they're hoping to sell it to the US? Not much chance really - it's pretty hard to work out why you'd bother taking on monsters from other realms if you're not going to at least try and make it better than Buffy. Might pick up if it can settle down a bit, but at the moment, those London hellmouths don't feel very safe.

*note for non-London chimps: that would take a good 30 minutes to walk in non-TV time


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Doctor Who - The Next Doctor

(dir. Andy Goddard)


In what's become a staple of UK Christmas schedules, David Tennant's back for another festive one-off. This time, the Tardis has fetched up in suitably festive realm of Victorian London, where amongst all the dirty-faced urchins and Dickensian snow, he quickly runs into a brave chap called... The Doctor - complete with his own assistant, Tardis and sonic screwdriver. He's also taking on a batch of Cybermen who are hanging out with villainous Miss Hartigan (Dervla Kirwan in a fetching scarlet number) and plotting to bring about the rise of the Cyber King...

Much better than last year's Titanic w Kylie special, there's enough plot and energy from Tennant to get you over the mince pie sentimentality, and occasional lapses into self-congratulation that the new Who sometimes falls into. It's much more of a decent kids show than the multi-generational sci-fi it gets given credit for - which is fine in my book, but always a bit confusing to see it so over-praised all the time. Still, it's good to see the BBC putting some of the licence fee into producing decent family viewing - having seen the first episode of ITV1's new teatime monster show Demons, it's so easy to get this stuff wildly wrong, and you'd have to be in a pretty full-on humbug mode to diss this year's Who present too much... Won't go into any more details, except to say i also quite enjoyed the fluffy Cyberhounds.


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Freesat's launching today, with BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Three and BBC Four; ITV1, ITV2, ITV3 and ITV4; Channel 4, E4, More4 and Film4; BBC News and Al-Jazeera English; CBBC, CBeebies and CiTV; Chartshow TV and The Vault; BBCi; digital radio; and BBC HD and ITV HD (which is coming soon).

Freesat will have three different types of receiver: a standard definition box, an HD box and an HD integrated digital TV with Freesat built-in (IDTV). Digital recorder boxes are coming later in the summer with all the Sky+ style features.
Box prices will start from £49, with a high def boxes around £120, plus installation costs from around £80. (Installation includes the satellite dish). Sky have got a version going for £150


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Gene Genie v Vampires

philip glenister's signed up to take on some modern day vampires (including mackenzie crook) for itv1


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C4 is launching its HD service in December; ITVHD is set for Spring and FXHD is coming in the first half of 2008 - hopefully in time for The Wire season 5 in HD?


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Six Degrees

Pilot Episode

New drama from JJ "Lost/Alias" Abrams, following six strangers whose NY lives start to overlap. Much more mainstream fodder than Lost or Alias (no spies, gadgets or black smoke monsters in the pilot) which may be why it's the first US show that ITV1 have picked up in the UK for ages. Characters are: Grieving Mother, Moody Photographer, Doubting Businesswoman, Girl Hiding From Past, Nice Lawyer, Shady Chauffeur. Dorian Missick, Hope Davis, Erika Christensen, Bridget Moynahan, Campbell Scott, Jay Hernandez make for a decent, multiracial cast. Bit cheesy in places, but might work; good to see a mainstream drama that's trying to do a little more than just have another law firm with kooky characters etc.


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van parks

van morrison's going to be on parkinson, saturday 25th march 10.10pm itv1. i'm guessing he won't be doing a 20 minute version of streets of arklow…


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Fletch is on tonight, itv1 11pm, according to his imdb trivia, he used to be the drummer in "a bad jazz band" called The Leather Canary. That band became Steely Dan.


chevy trivia



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