chimp71 hong kong world tour report#1.1

Stocked up on dvds, all legit so far, and all at about 10% of the uk extorto price. don't think i'm going to get so suckered in by a virgin oxford st sale for a while. a few kurosawa, some johnny to, who's supposed to be the heir to the ringo lam/john woo school, audition, volcano high (korean film about an school full of superhero pupils), the kid stays in the picture etc...
caught the korean cannes winner oldboy tonight, which is a stunning piece of cinema. been hearing good things about sympathy for mr vengeance from the same director for ages without getting round to it - if it's anything like as good as old boy i can see what the fuss is about.
stayed up for the roonaldo spectacular too, nothing like seeing england win at 4.30am. (sucks if they lose at that time though. no. don't...even. think. it....)
surveillance update coming soon once the new chimpocam is installed.