Terrence Malick breaks cover

The picture above left has served as one of the only publicly available images of reclusive director Terrence Malick for a couple of decades - but last week he popped along to the Austin City Limits Music Festival, with Christian Bale and a camera crew.

Bale must have gotten a hall pass from the still-shooting Batman sequel, as he was swanning around around the festival playing some sort of rockstar type - check out the fascinating video here. It had been announced that Bale was cast in a Malick film, set to shoot in 2012, so this shoot may have only been a test - or just grabbing the opportunity to film at a large event like this - but a possible project could be something based around the life of Jerry Lee Lewis that Malick has been working on, which would tie in with the casting of the much-younger-than-Bale Haley Bennett as the other lead. More pics and info here, here and here.

Probably the most surprising thing about all of this is that Malick still looks exactly like that archive photo, right down to the hat.