Horne & Corden

Shameful attempt to translate the Gavin & Stacey boys' appeal into the sketch show format. Anyone who sat through their woeful efforts during this year's Brits might have some idea of what to expect here; but for those of you who managed to avoid it, get ready to watch the licence fee dribbling away. 

Lots of the jokes are based on the fact that James Corden is a large chap. Have you noticed? Look! There's his belly wobbling! Look! There he is ruining a relay race because he can't run that fast. Look! There's his belly wobbling again! Hilarious.

More disturbing is their decision to revive the not-missed tradition of gay jokes on British TV. Haven't seen anything this openly and boringly homophobic for years. Ever wondered what would happen if you sent a gay reporter to Afghanistan? Ooh, guess what, he'd be totally camp and mince about making jokes about keeping the boys in the troops happy fnar fnar. What if you had Spiderman and Superman getting changed in front of each other? Oooh they'd be really embarrassed to be naked in front of each other snigger snigger. What if you had a perfume ad that was totally about two gay men in love with each other - it's even called something charming like Eau De Fag. 

Then there's a desperately ill-judged sketch about gun crime to round it all off.

It's smug, boorish, crass and a classic example of buying into hype without wondering if there's any talent there to back it up. Can't imagine what they're going to do for the next five episodes. Some hilarious fat gays jokes maybe.