Skate or die: Natas Kaupas

After the nostalgia trip of my recent Welcome To Hell revival, I thought I'd run a weekly series of skate classics. Here's Natas Kaupas - who pretty much invented street skating - from the video Street of Fire, from 1989.

Check out Skip Engblom (Skate legend, played by Heath Ledger in "Dogtown And The Z-Boys" - the movie not the documentary) as the jailer.

Musical legacy: My first encounter with fIREHOSE (Brave Captain is the song here), this video single handedly kick-started my personal post-punk revolution, with a soundtrack composed almost entirely of SST Records bands: Minutemen, fIREHOSE, Sonic Youth, Black Flag, Descendents and more.

Bonus fact: Natas went on to work in graphics for Quicksilver and designed the logo they've been rocking for the past ten years or so.