Out WIth The Old, In With The New

The internet is awash with lists of 2007 highlights at the moment, offering a counterpoint to our own recent efforts. Pitchfork have pitched in with their mega-exhaustive lists for their Top 50 Albums, Top 100 Tracks and Readers Favourites as well as various break-downs from their contributors. Fistfulayen have a nice round-up, not dissimilar to our own - following up an insightful Wilco review back in June. Steely Dan + Lynyrd Skynyrd = Allman Brothers

Ain't-it-cool have their movie round up posted, with the double hitter of There Will Be Blood / No Country For Old Men taking first and second. Appropriate, as at this point they seem to be two fairly interchangeable films in my mind.

The Guardian meanwhile have rounded up a few tips for next year, again (perhaps unsurprisingly) not dissimilar to c71's own top tips.

Heads up for '008.